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Massage Marketing — 20 years coaching health professionals to success!

Our goal: To be your personal, on-call marketing team and help you to reach all your practice goals! We can save you time and energy by providing you with effective marketing tools and practical advice that enhance your professional image. We are very accessible and enjoy working personally with you to help you develop a strong practice. Spend a few minutes visiting our website, then GIVE US A CALL! and find out what we can offer you.


Professional Website Sign Up Form

Use this form to sign up for one of our professional websites. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions while filling out this form.

Try to be as complete as possible, we will review all the text you send to us and make sure it will all be placed in the correct area of your website. Some fields have an explanation included in the text box (as for example, the "Address" box), to fill out that field just erase the explanation and type away.

For large amounts of text (articles or resumes) use copy and paste: If you have an article or resume you want included on your web site, you don't have to retype the whole thing. Use cut and paste. This process will work for one word or for several pages.

1. Open up the resume or article on your computer.
2. Put the cursor inside the article or document
3. Hold down the control key and press A. This will select all the text.
4. Hold down the control key and press C. This will copy what's selected so you can paste it into another program.
5. Place the cursor inside the blank you want to fill.
6. Hold down the control key and press V. This will paste into the blank all the text you've copied.
7. If you copy in more text than you want, for example if you copy an entire brochure and you only want to use part of that brochure, delete the unwanted text in this form before sending.

Required fields are marked with a red star, they must be filled out.

Contact information - We will use this information both for our own records, as well as the contact area of your website.

Website domain name / Email address - If you have an existing domain name or email address do list them below. If you would like to have us register a domain name for you just select "purchase" and we will try to register the domain name for you, keep in mind that at times domain names are already registered, if this is so we will suggest a few to you for consideration before purchasing it. If you would like an email address with your domain name (as for example "info@yourdomainname.com" just include that under "Desired Email Address".

Standard Website information - While filling out these fields you will be giving us all the basic information to create your website.

Additional Options - While not required we have listed a few extra options to improve your website.

Map Linkfor your contact page - If you would like we can include a map link on your contact page that your client can click on and get both a map and driving directions to your office automaticaly. (Here is an example map for one of our clients, Map Link).

Custom Images - As part of the professional website package you can email us up to two images for free (you can send as many as you like, time spent on extra images will be charged based on our hourly rates). After emailing us your images let us know below where you would like to have these images show up.

Extra information - If there is anything else you would like to let us know or have included on your website, just list it below in the "Comments" box.

Service Agreement and Web Service Policies - Please read over our Service Agreement and Web Service policies and check the box below to show your agreement.

For security purposes please enter the verification code below into the box provided. We use this to cut down on the spam and apologize for any inconvenience.




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