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Massage Marketing 20 years coaching health professionals to success!

Our goal: To be your personal, on-call marketing team and help you to reach all your practice goals! We can save you time and energy by providing you with effective marketing tools and practical advice that enhance your professional image. We are very accessible and enjoy working personally with you to help you develop a strong practice. Spend a few minutes visiting our website, then GIVE US A CALL! and find out what we can offer you.


Massage Marketing Tools

Throughout the years we have been working in this field, we have developed a set of very specific tools to help promote your practice and ensure that your client base remains active and informed.

E-Newsletter Service

Imagine having a slow week and being able to send out a message to all your clients offering a discount to fill your schedule. Imagine being able to send a newsletter to all your clients, prospects and friends without having to print, fold, label and pay for postage! Now you can.

One of the key ingredients to your success is sending your clients educational material that increases their desire to get regular massages from you. The more they know about massage’s many benefits, the more important your services should be to them. This can be the most time-consuming part for you—doing the needed research to find the right information to pass on to your clients. Of course, presenting it professionally and effectively is vital, as well. A poor presentation equals no response!

What is the ideal solution for you? Our monthly Staying in Touch E-newsletter service and dedicated E-list program!!

This service offers you two great features: Having an online newsletter program that you can use whenever you like, as well as having a professional client newsletter written and sent to your clients FOR YOU once a month. Effortlessly keep them informed, interested and wanting your services.

Hear what one of our E-Newsletter clients had to say:

"Earlier this week, I had a few open appointments in my schedule book. I simply emailed a promotion to all my clients and prospects from your E-newsletter program and the appointment book was full by the next day.

"I absolutely love it."

Ted Schiff, LMT
Valley Massage Therapy Associates
Amherst, Massachusetts

Find out more about our E-Newsletter service or sign up now by contacting us.

Print Newsletters

While the Internet has become a staple in most of your clients' lives, good old paper newsletters can't ever be replaced. How many times have you wanted to relax in your favorite chair and read something interesting without having to be on your computer? Or grabbed a boring meal during the grind of the day and entertained yourself with a book or magazine? You can reach your clients through our informative and beautiful newsletter, and they will enjoy reading it without having to be plugged in.

Educating your clients is vital to maintaining a healthy practice, and massage newsletters are the ideal marketing tool for this purpose. The newsletter's function is to raise the readers' awareness and appreciation of the many benefits of massage you offer AND to inspire them to call you for their next appointment.

Read the results from two satisfied newsletter clients:

The response to the newsletters is great! I've had 4 or 5 clients that haven't been in for a while come in specifically because of your newsletters. Thanks for offering these to massage therapists who either don't have the time or the skills that you have in publishing and communication. I really appreciate the work that you do.


Two of my clients operate an advertising agency here. Both have complimented me on our "Staying in Touch" newsletter. They say it is one of the BEST they have ever seen in terms of format, style, length, design, content, interest, clarity, etc. They are impressed! As both massage clients and owners of their own advertising agency, they should know what they are talking about. KUDOS!

William B., LMT

Find out more about this exciting marketing tool at our sister site: www.massagenewsletters.com (www.stayingintouch.net)

Website Design

Having a website is a must this day and age. Be it a simple site with your basic information to serve as an online business card, or a more sophisticated professional site — detailing your practice's mission, services, testimonals and location — having a website will make all the difference.

Often you will find a new client has heard about you from a friend, an advertisement, or even the phone book. Word of mouth is always the best marketing tool, but if potential new clients can easly find you online — find out about who you are, what services you provide and where you're located — they are much more likely to make the jump to coming in on that very important first session.

Here is one of the many wonderful testimonals we have recived from our clients when they setup their website:

Just a really quick note for now. I wanted you both to know how much of a blessing and great marketing tool having a professional website for massage has been! In the past two weeks, I have added no less than five brand new clients simply because people did a search for massage therapists in [my] area. Came up with my professional website, perused it — and liking what they read — contacted me!!!

So, THANKS, again and again!

Leslie, LMT

Learn all about our website service or sign up now by contacting us.

eCommerce Websites / Shopping Carts

In the technology driven age we live in, it is becoming more and more important to have an Internet presence for your business. Imagine being the only used bookstore in town with a full online catalog so your customers can view and buy your books at home after work hours. Or instead of holding your office open during the weekend and paying your employees overtime, imagine a website selling 24/7 for you at no extra cost, and without complaining.

This is the power of having a shopping cart for your business, and that is what we offer to you. We offer you a full eCommerce solution. When we set up your shopping cart for you online, we train you on how to use it, how to set up your products so you can expand and how to see a sale through from start to finish. We also make sure you have a primary site, so if you're a new office and do not have any Internet presence at all we will take care of that too. Basically we evaluate the needs of your office, help you get online with a shopping cart that you know how to use and have it ready to sell to your products and/or services to new customers over the Internet.

Learn all about our eCommerce/ Shopping Cart service or sign up now by contacting us.

While our tools are very effective on their own, we always suggest a combination of them to reach maximum exposure for your practice. We invite you to contact us so we can go over each service in detail and find what best suits your practice.


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